Recruitment for Micacon Agent

It’s official! ✨ Micacon invites you to be a part of our family as an agent! πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ’Ό
There’s a lot of stocks and variety of different contact lenses that’s bout to leave your customers in awe!


No financial pressure of restocking

Agent do not need to restock or hold any amount of stock. All stock will be shipped from HQ.

Marketing assets provided

Micacon will provide existing images of models wearing contact lenses, where agents can use to sell to customers.

Arranged shipment

Agent would only needs to promote and take orders, as Micacon team will be responsible to help you arrange the shipments to your customers.

Must Knows As An Agent

➊ All agents must pay a one-time only agent fee of RM80.

βž‹ Agent must sell at least 10 sets and above in a month. (If agent fails for two consecutive months, the system will automatically cancel the agent qualification on the third month) *This does not apply to new joiners for their first 3 months.*

➌ Agent needs to prepare their own online banking information for customers to bank-in.

➍ The price must be sold at our official price. If an agent is found to have sell it at a different price, we will directly cancel the agent qualification.

➎ Do no mosaic or edit the wordmark of MICACON on given photos.

➏ Agent is not allowed to open a website to sell the contact lenses in private, as this is related to our copyright issue.

➐ If agent opens an account on FB or Instagram to sell the contact lenses, the name of the store cannot be similar to the official name such as micacon_my, micacon_official, micacon_lens etc. Alternatively, you may put your personal name such as summer_micacon, michelle_micacon or just any other names.

βž‘ You would need to let us know and record the platform and the account you be promoting your products on.

Processing Order as Micacon Agent

These are the little things to take note of the ordering process for your customers! Learn how to place an order.

Selling and Earning Prices 

If these sounds interesting to you, whatsApp us and we will discuss further with you!